Facebook is most commonly used and addicting social networking platform ever. We make friends and share our feeling, through via status and messages. Facebook is best to spend time by doing chatting with friends. Even we doing chat and side by side we read some interesting stories in news feed, that why we all love Facebook most. But the only main reason behind maximum users who are using Facebook is, they love to do chat with their old friends or friend who are living at long distance. Facebook have lots of features like we play Facebook games and even do many other activities. Facebook working hard to develop new tools and many user experience more better. As we all know their is simple funda of life ‘more things we have, more issue will be there’. Facebook having huge number of bugs which are not even fixed from a long time like we explained bugs like single name on Facebook and even we can run number of scripts to access many features as recently we share in Facebook tricks and hacks.
Today we will discuss about method to delete all Facebook messages at once. As we all know that messages are private portion and is very sensitive area. We share many of daily routines works, habits and even share out personal images, passwords or many other things which we can manage to share publicly. Even Lovers enjoy to chat on Facebook but in some condition we are in serious trouble and we don’t have time to delete all messages one by one. To remove all conversion it takes huge time. If we have to many friends then it becomes most different part to delete all messages. So don’t worry here i am going to discuss about the technique.

How To Delete All Facebook Messages At Once.

  • First Of all we all need to install extension into our web browser. Which will help to delete all Facebook messages at once.
  • So here are the extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Download them according to your browser where you want to use.


  • After installing any of the above given extension now proceed for further instructions.
  • Login Your Facebook of which you want to delete all messages.
  • Now visit to Inbox portion and you will see all the all the messages from recent and previous conversation of all friends is visible.
  • Now click on the icon which will visible at top side of URL bar. It will only appears on Facebook after installing above given extensions.

facebook delete all message extension

  • When you click the icon it prompt the alert message for you to confirm that you want to delete all Facebook messages or not.
  • After that click on Load Older Threads button to delete conversion for the rest of friends.

deleted all facebook friends messages conversations at once

  • It will hardly take 10-20 sec to complete all task of deletion.

I hope you enjoy this amazing way to delete all Facebook messages at once. Don’t forget to share it with others.

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