Biometric Time Attendance System Machine

Attendance machines help in automation of attendance of the employees and can help in tracking the in and out time of employees’ total working hours & lunch breaks. Biometric Time Attendance System is most intelligent finger print recognition system. It can automatically update the registered finger print template based on changing patterns of the skin and behavior of finger placement. The unique feature ensures that administrator is not required to frequently re-register users and false rejection is minimal.

Biometric Attendance System come with the fastest fingerprint scanning & matching 100% or more people can give attendance with same time leading to time saving and less queuing. It also offer lowest finger rejection compared to completing products. There are several types of biometric time and attendance machines used in various industries. Low cost, very durable and best price attendance machines are available. Best time and attendance machine for all your needs. We are exporting these attendance machines all over the india. Get the highest quality product for the lowest price.

Biometric Time attendance machines are best machines used for companies, offices, schools, colleges, institutes, factories & software companies for attendance purposes. Manage your employee in multiple locations from a single location using our auto-push technology. Get the best highest quality attendance machine with so many features for so low price. Call us now for the demonstration of Biometric Time and Attendance machine with Access Control System.

Fingerprint Attendance System

BIometric Attendance Machine’s information can be found by click on the individual machine picture or the name on the left to know the specifications of the machines. These are best time attendance machine available. These are low-cost machines which help you in saving lot of your time and money. Best machines comes with best service. These time attendance machines with free software for payroll management which can help you save money and time.

Thumb Based Time Attendance Machine comes with rugged and scratch proof fingerprint scanner with long life. Some completing products in the market require you to change the scanner surface every few months.

Biometric Attendance Machine comes with TCP/IP LAN Ethernet connectivity as well as USB Disk Function allowing you to upload/download logs and users onsite using USB flash disk.

Why Biometric Attendance Machine?

Biometric time attendance machines count employees’ work schedule, like which employee did what, and at what time did he do it, etc. Biometric attendance system is a foolproof technology to ensure the accuracy of attendance and is useful to the ones who deal with large.

Advantages of the Biometric System :

Unique Biological Features – Biometric authentication measures a biological feature of a person like fingerprint, iris, etc. Hence it is a very effective security system and cannot be easily disguised as these features are unique.

Time Saving – Unlike other identification procedures, biometric is easily accessible and time saving. Within a couple of seconds, a person’s biometrics is either identified or rejected. As every office follows time management, time saving systems like biometrics have become beneficial for the office revenue.

Reduce Fraud – As biometrics cannot be shared, you cannot find anything like more than one person using the same password. Which leads to less fraud and complete security.

Accountability – A biometric log-in or entry indirectly connects the individual as responsible to any event. If there is a security breach, then the security system will provide the accurate record of who is accountable for the issue. This provides complete and true accountability and cannot be forged by others.

How does it work?

  • Time and attendance and access control of employees, using both standard means of identification (contactless card, passwords, PIN codes) and biometric ones (fingerprints).
  • Creation and management of access schedules and rules regulating employee access to restricted areas and checkpoints.
  • Employee time analysis and reports generated based on verified check-in and check-out events.
  • Automation of time-keeping routines and management of absences.

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