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Bulk SMS
Considering the potential of using the SMS for reaching a larger audience, it is a limitation to send SMS using mobile device. Sending SMS trough a cell phone or any mobile device is very time consuming, inconvenient and ineffective. This has arose the need of an effective solution to send SMS in bulk.
To meet businesses and individuals needs for sending Bulk SMS we provide the most simple, affordable and convenient methods. You can send hundreds of SMS on a single click which gets delivered in seconds. BulkSMS can be sent using:
Web based Control Panel
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Typical uses of Bulk SMS Services
  •  Send event or product information
  •  Send Invitation to join a program
  •  Confirm appointments
  •  Send information to citizens and staff
  •  Send emergency alerts
  •  Send meeting invitation.
  •  Send stock market alert
  •  Send Automatic alerting and notifications
  •  Send motivational messages
There are many more things you can think of and actually do with our Bulk SMS Services.
So, don’t wait. Test our services now and start sending Bulk SMS right away. Plan your Bulk SMS based campaign and move your business aggressively.
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